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Frequently Asked Questions

I never received my login email

Check your spam box, if it’s not there add to your whitelist as accepted email addresses. If you are unsure how to do this you can google the type of email account you have, and add email address to white list. (example- Add an email to whitelist for gmail)

How long does it take for customer support to respond?

If you email M-F 9am-3pm EST you should have a response the same day. (excluding holidays) We usually respond within the hour.

I emailed support and never heard back?

Chances are we have responded, but your spam filters are still holding our reply email. You can call our support line at 866-509-2220, or just email us again with your phone number.

I have my login information, but it wont let me login?

You may be placing a capital letter where it does not belong. Try to copy and paste the password directly out of the email containing your “username” and “password”.

The videos keep stopping, or wont show up

We check our members area videos and links each day to make sure they are working correctly. Chances are, this is an issue with your internet provider or your computer. To make any video on the internet play at best speed- close out all windows and have only the members area video playing.