The Secret “Pre-Probate Hack” That Netted Us $68,340 On This Deal

What if there was a hidden "indicator" within the public records which has been overlooked by real estate investors  and which would tell you that a house is about to go into probate.  An indicator which would enable you to contact desperate, motivated sellers of houses prior to anyone else even knowing the house was going to be going up for sale soon. If that existed, wouldn't it give you a HUGE opportunity at making a lot more money in your real estate investing business?

Of course it would. And, I've got some good news for you. It does exist...

You just haven't heard of it before because it's not common knowledge. I've actually never even heard of any other real estate investors targeting this list of motivated sellers. My wife, Tracey, and I operate our real estate business in the highly competitive Central Florida market and no one else here is targeting what we call Pre-Probate properties. And, we're making a small fortune in this secret niche. 

We're compiling our mailing list of Pre-Probate properties online, via public records, and it doesn't cost us a dime. Then we mail the motivated seller one of our letters, which we refer to as our "secret curiosity mailer", and then sit back and wait for the phone to ring. With our "curiosity mailer" we get an abnormally high response rate. This letter is, once again, something no one else uses, which is why we get such a high response rate. And by high response rate, I mean we get calls from one out of every three sellers that we mail to. It's not a yellow letter and, more importantly, what it actually says to the prospect is why we buy so many houses and make so much money as a direct result.

Actually, in the spirit of full disclosure, we're making so much money in the Pre-Probate niche not only because of the secret curiosity mailer, but also because no other real estate investors are mailing to these sellers, because no one else knows they exist. Talk about "low hanging fruit". It's like fishing for big fish in a small, stocked pond at dinner time...

Anyways, here's an example of one of the first Pre-Probate deals we did. 

This deal costed us about 50 cents to acquire, which is what we spent on sending the seller our curiosity mailer. We picked it up through a family member of a lady who recorded documents in public records which told us she may be wanting to sell her home quickly. We were in and out of this deal in just over three months and ended up with a net profit of $68,340.00.

The "Pre-Probate Hack" is one of 4 different hidden motivated sellers niches which my wife and I have discovered. We're actively making money in each one of the 4 niches and have developed individual systems for real estate investors to profit in each one.

For more information on each one, and how you can start using them in your area,
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About the Author Sean Flanagan

About the Author: Christian family man. MMA lover, Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai practitioner. surfer and Self-confessed coffee addict. Lover of everything real estate related. Creator of the Lucky Buys Yucky Houses® Motivated Seller Leads Program and The Abandoned House Secrets System. Founder of

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    We don’t do business in Tx, but I would say to use it just like it’s used in every other state. Obviously you’re more familiar with your local laws than I would be, but there’s nothing out of the ordinary which should change how the systems are implemented from state to state.